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Best Places For Bass Fishing On The East Coast

Believe it or not, fishing bass is a multi-million dollar industry in the USA. Millions of anglers all across the country opted for a license just so they could fish bass. This term is too broad and implies many different families of bass. However, the two are the most popular and widespread in America – the black bass and the temperate bass. The first one takes its popularity as there are tournaments every week all year long. While black bass is more of a competitive family member, causing people to really take fishing seriously, temperate bass is considered more of a sport fish. If you’re a recreational angler, this is something you will look for.

However, let’s see the most popular spots for fishing bass along the East Coast of the USA.

East Coast Bass Fishing
As one of the best places for bass fishing, we would point out Lake Okeechobee. It’s a freshwater lake in Florida, a state known for trophy bass fishing. Therefore, no wonder their lake is one of the spots for such activity. Since we’re talking about the Sunny State, you can fish bass throughout the year, including winter, which gives this place a bit of advantage over other US states. It’s well-known for largemouth bass, so if this is your choice, go ahead.

Once discovered as a significant bass source, Lake Jordan in North Carolina had no restrictions. You could see anglers filling up their ice chests with as much fish as they could take. However, in 1987, the state imposed some restrictions, making Lake Jordan another trophy destination for bass fishing. According to experienced anglers, this location is the best in the spring, having April as the best month.


If you’re looking for something further north, try visiting Candlewood Lake in Connecticut. Filled with largemouth and smallmouth bass, this location is definitely worth mentioning. It’s the biggest lake in the state, with fishing season during spring and summer.

Another excellent location for fishing largemouth but also striped bass is Lums Pond in Delaware. It’s the most popular fishing location in the state, with a 200-acre impoundment. As for Connecticut, this state is the best to visit during spring and summer.

If you’re up for a bit of a challenge and fishing in the bay, you should definitely visit Upper Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. It’s a valuable source of smallmouth and largemouth bass, especially during spring and summer. The entire bay spans 64,000 miles, while the upper side gives the best opportunities for catching bass. Again, it’s a bay, meaning there are a lot of pilings and docks, but nothing a professional angler couldn’t manage.

Our final recommendation would be the St. Lawrence River in New York. Flowing 700 miles towards the Atlantic Ocean, the river is the perfect place for bass fishing, especially in the area around Thousand Islands. It’s a 50-mile stretch full of smallmouth bass, hosting a tournament to catch this particular fish. It was declared the nation’s top bass fishery in 2019. The season starts in the spring and ends in the fall, giving you plenty of time for a successful catch.

Those would be our top picks for East Coast bass fishing places. Of course, there’s plenty more, so wherever you are, go and try your luck!

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