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Fishing Was Never As Easy As With Lucky Tackle Box

For those new to the fishing world, tackle boxes are the best way to collect and store fishing equipment. Instead of risking your lures, flies, and other tackles being damaged by keeping them all around, having a tackle box will preserve everything and make sure you’re well organized and ready for your next trip.

With all those tackle boxes available for subscription, we wondered which one is the best and the most suitable for both beginners and fishing vets.

Well, the answer is right here – it’s Lucky Tackle Box.

Get Lucky With Lucky Tackle Box

You know what they say, a fisherman’s luck is not exactly known as good. Well, let us assure you that with the Lucky Tackle Box, this will turn around as you will get the best equipment for the best price. Starting from as low as $12.59 for the first box and only $18.99 for every next one, you are entitled to get 7-14 hard baits, lures, tackle, soft plastic, and accessories. It makes their offer broader than most we’ve had a chance to see, as you can build an entire angler collection just from these boxes. However, if you’re a beginner, you will highly appreciate other boons, such as access to 3 YouTube technique videos each month and a Lucky Monthly Magazine. These will be the most valuable tools for your fishing degree.

Lucky Tackle Box Subscription Box (1)

Of course, you’ll ask why we chose Lucky Tackle Box over many others. These guys go above and beyond in order to provide you with something meaningful. Instead of throwing in random baits and lures and giving you the actual fisherman’s luck, they try to make it worthwhile. Also, with each of the boxes come educational videos by Travis Moran, so on top of making sure you have a way to catch, they are ensuring you know how to catch.

And the best thing – their boxes mostly come with the line, rattle grass, attractant, and other accessories, so even an experienced fisherman may enjoy these small signs of appreciation.

Lucky Tackle Box vs. Other Tackle Boxes

We’ve compared Lucky Tackle Box to other popular brands, and here’s our big conclusion. First of all, Lucky Tackle Box offers theme-made boxes according to the fishing season, making each of those unique and special. It shows that the company looks beyond just turning a profit, and pays great attention towards satisfying their customers. And even with such dedication, they are still more affordable than most of their competition, which is another factor to count. Shipping in the US is free, adding another plus to the list of perks. Since most of our anglers are veterans, Lucky Tackle Box made it easy to subscribe. You can choose between several packages, find the most suitable one, and subscribe in just a couple of clicks — point for straightforwardness. The aforementioned wide offer of gear coming along would be the icing on the cake and the answer to why we chose Lucky Tackle Box among others.


Whether you’re an angler or recreational visitor, having a Lucky Tackle Box will definitely bring you luck on the water. However, if you change your mind, you can always cancel your subscription since it works on a monthly level. So it costs you nothing to try and see for yourself why Lucky Tackle Box is our primary choice.


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