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5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Men That He’ll Appreciate This Holiday Season

It’s always difficult to figure out what any man wants this holiday season. In general, most of them would agree that they’d like to be a bit more sustainable and environmentally friendly in the future. These great sustainable gift ideas can help them do just that this holiday season.

1. A Portable Utensil Kit
Whether out in the wilderness on an extensive trip or just living their day-to-day life and grabbing a bite to eat, having reliable access to quality utensils is a must for any man. There’s no need to rely on disposable plastic cutlery that ads additional waste while also breaking easily and containing potentially hazardous chemicals. Instead, a portable and reusable utensil kit with compact titanium or stainless steel cutlery solves the problem permanently.

2. Cast Iron Skillets
A big part of sustainability is going for quality over convenience and finding products that last for a lifetime or even longer. If you buy him a cast-iron skillet this holiday season, chances are it’s the only one he’ll ever need. Instead of flimsy materials that can warp, crack, or break down over the years, a cast-iron skillet relies on sheer bulk and strength to last essentially forever if properly maintained.

5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Men

3. An Electric Bike
Electric bikes are quickly becoming some of the most popular means of conveyance both in urban environments and the wilderness. They use just a fraction of the power of other powered vehicles, have enough battery life for long rides, and are perfect for getting places other vehicles can’t. This sustainable gift idea isn’t just good for the environment; it’s going to be a lot of fun for him as well.

4. A Rechargeable Battery Set
While so many of the devices men use today already have their own integrated rechargeable batteries, there’s still plenty of uses for standard AA and AAA batteries. A full set of rechargeable batteries covering all the common sizes he’ll ever need, along with a universal charger, is a great way to help any man cut down on waste during the coming year ahead.

5. Bamboo Clothing
One of the top new trends in sustainable clothing is bamboo. Fabric can be made from natural bamboo pulp, a more environmentally sound alternative to organic cotton. Not only is it sustainable, bamboo clothing provides breathability and softness while also requiring limited care thanks to its non-wrinkling qualities.

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