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Best Outdoor Activities For Children

As children are spending more and more time indoors, in front of a TV, computer, or mobile phone screen, we’ve decided to give you a couple of suggestions for outdoor activities. Telling your child to go out and play was something that worked for generations. However, the development of technologies combined with the global pandemic brought us into a new state – kids are rarely leaving the house, and all their communication goes viral. 

Since we all know how important the outdoors is, not just for thoroughly enjoying childhood, but for health as well, we’ve made a brief list of fun activities that your kid can do with you or their friends.

Suggestions For Children’s Outdoor Activities

As promised, here are our suggestions.

  1. Cycling

There is no boy or a girl who wouldn’t enjoy a nice day outdoors cycling. It doesn’t have to be far from home or anything similar. A couple of rounds around the block will be significant for both you and your child. And that’s something you can easily do together. If, however, you’re not quite ready, your child can gather a few friends and have a few rounds in the neighborhood.

  1. Obstacle course in the backyard

If you have a house and a nice backyard, you can use it for something creative. Turn it into an obstacle course and let your kid enjoy it. Use cones, sticks, hula hoops, ropes, and everything you have, and create fun, yet easy obstacles that your child will enjoy passing. It will be kind of like an in-house climbing session.

Outdoor Activities For Children 2021

  1. Rock climbing

Speaking of climbing, there are rock climbing places adjusted to children. If you’re out of ideas, you can take your child to one of these and let them enjoy with others. They will climb under the surveillance of professionals, which gives you some time to rest as well. Also, they’ll be surrounded by similar-aged kids, making it a perfect opportunity to find new friends live, not only viral.

  1. Boat rides on the stream

If there is a stream nearby, you can find a small rubber boat or rent some and take your kids sailing. Of course, streams are meant to be shallow enough so that they won’t be as dangerous as kayaking on the river, yet it will be fun. If your child loves watersports, we are sure they will enjoy this activity. Also, it’s tiring enough to make them sleep better.

  1. Bonfire

What would a childhood be like without seeing a bonfire? Whether you have a dedicated camping zone or just your backyard, you can make a bonfire and gather your child with a couple of friends. Sitting around, singing, telling scary stories. How could it go any better? And again, it will help your child socialize, which is another bonus of this activity. Yet, we have to mention to be careful so everyone will stay safe.

  1. Camping

Similar to the bonfire, camping is an excellent opportunity to take your child and their friends and have a fantastic night outdoors. Whether you’re going to an already existing camp or bringing tents and sleeping bags, kids will enjoy it. Make sure to set everything up in a zone with a good view, so you can enjoy some star gazing as well. 

  1. Treasury hunt

Whoever watched Peter Pan or a similar pirate movie wanted to be a pirate at some point. And a part of being one is participating in the treasure hunt. You can hide dandelions, wood chips, and pebbles outside and let your kid on a mission. Once they collect everything, you can reward them with some treats; they deserve it!

  1. Survivor 

For sure, at least once you’ve seen an episode of Survivor. It’s a TV show where the participants need to complete different tasks such as jumping over obstacles, climbing, searching for hidden objects. Completing the task would allow them to stay in the game for the next mission. Think of several creative tasks and make your own Survivor within your backyard or the nearest park.

These are all ideas that will help you drag your children out of the house but also make you have fun. Since you will need to participate in most of these activities, it will be beneficial for all sides.

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