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5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Women That She’ll Love This Holiday Season

You want to find the perfect gift for her, one that she’ll really love. When trying to find that gift, you should consider what she’s looking for, and chances are sustainability is somewhere high on that list. With these sustainable gift ideas, you can give her what she’s looking for in both principal and practice.

1. Ethical Makeup
The cosmetics industry has a long history of awful conduct, testing on animals, using non-organic and harmful chemicals, and much more. She’ll surely love the gift of a makeup kit from a company focused on the principles of sustainability and ethics. Brands will typically prominently say that they’re non-toxic, organic, cruelty-free, and ethically sourced. There’s a wide variety of them out there, so you can pick something that’s uniquely her.

2. House Plants
There’s a decent chance that the woman you’re thinking of already has some houseplants, as the hobby has really taken off recently. They’re a great, all-natural gift idea that promotes a healthier home environment and a connection with nature. Be sure to get biodegradable planters as well to make sure that the entire gift is sustainable. There are so many different houseplants out there, so try to pick one that has some special connection.

5 Sustainable Gift Ideas for Women

3. A Cork Yoga Mat
Yoga is a great practice, and if you know a woman who already does yoga or is interested in it, a cork yoga mat can be a great sustainable gift. These mats are made of all-natural cork, harvested from cork trees. They don’t cut the trees down, though. It’s an external layer that’s harvested again and again. Not only that, but the material is perfect for yoga mats, pliable, durable, lightweight, and moisture resistant.

4. Reusable Food Storage Bags
The waste from food packaging is a major issue, so using your own containers is always the way to go. Bulky rigid plastic containers aren’t very versatile, but reusable silicone food bags are. These strong but flexible containers provide a reliable seal and compact storage. They’re non-toxic and free of dangerous chemicals, so they’re just what she needs for more sustainability in her day-to-day life.

5. Denim Towels
Denim might not sound like an ideal towel material at first, but the cotton fibers are easily recycled and repurposed to make sustainable and absorbent towels. They typically come in the distinctive blue that comes from recycled denim to highlight their sustainability, but other colors are available as well. They’re a great choice as a gift for any woman this holiday season.

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